Hair Removal

Electrolysis (Consultation Required)

Electrolysis is a permanent method of hair removal that uses a new, sterile, disposable needle for every client on every visit.

10 minutes – £16.50
25 minutes – £27.50


Threading is an ancient art of hair removal. Professional anti-bacterial cotton is twisted to create a trap and then rolled along the skin, entwining around the hair and removing it from the follicle. This very precise treatment can even treat short hairs and sensitive skin, leaving a clean and perfect finish every time.

Eyebrows – £14.00
Top Lip – £12.00
Chin – £12.00
Lip & Chin – £18.00
Sides of Face – £20.00
Full Face & Neck – £25.00


Removal of unwanted hair using a gentle cream strip wax.

Eyebrows – £11.50
Half Leg & Bikini – £26.50
Lip or Chin – £10.00
Half Leg & Brazilian/Hollywood – £35.00
Lip & Chin – £15.00
Half Leg, Bikini & Underarm – £30.00
Underarm – £12.00
Three-quarter Leg (with Bikini £27.50) – £22.00
Forearm – £15.00
Three-quarter Leg (with Brazilian £36.50) – £22.00
Bikini – £13.50
Full Leg & Bikini (with Underarm £40.00) – 30.00
Brazilian or Hollywood – £23.50
Full Leg & Brazilian/Hollywood (with Underarm £50.00) – £45.00
Half Leg – £18.50
Upper thigh and Bikini (with Brazilian/Hollywood £34.50) – £24.50

Hot Wax

Hot wax is melted to a thicker consistency than warm wax and becomes firmer as it cools, gripping around the hair. The wax remains on the skin until it becomes soft and peel-able and is then pulled off the skin with a fast movement; A perfect waxing option for someone with sensitive skin and also a more comfortable way of removing intimate hair.

Lip/Chin – £12.00
Underarm – £16.50
Lip & Chin – £16.50
Nostrils – £10.00
Regular Bikini (Wax B1) – £20.00

A quick, gentle wax in the crease of leg. Removes all visible pubic hair outside of the knickers at the front only. You should be able to wear a Bikini Knicker with no pubic hair showing outside.

The G String (Wax B2) – £25.00

This leaves a strip of hair that starts on the pubic mound and down over the labia and tapers in narrow as it reaches the butt cheeks. It includes the butt crack and any noticeable hair on the buttocks. You should be able to wear a Thong knicker with no pubic hair showing outside.

The Brazilian (Wax B3) – £30.00

The complete lot! A thorough wax removing hair from the back, front, inside and outside. A landing strip at the top can be left if you wish. It includes the butt crack, any hair on the buttocks, the inner and outer
labia, and the pubic triangle.

Bottom Crack (Wax B4) – £20.00
Bottom Cheeks (Wax B5) – £20.00
Butt Crack & Butt Cheeks (Wax B4)- £30.00

For your discretion and to save embarrassment please quote the code beside the waxing when booking.