Waxing & Threading

Removal of unwanted hair using a gentle cream strip wax and or hot wax.

Hot wax is melted to a thicker consistency than warm wax and becomes firmer as it cools, gripping around the hair. The wax remains on the skin until it becomes soft and peel-able and is then pulled off the skin with a fast movement; A perfect waxing option for someone with sensitive skin and also a more comfortable way of removing intimate hair.

Eyebrows £15 Half Leg £23
Lip or Chin £15 Half Leg & Bikini £33
Lip & Chin £20 Half Leg, Bikini & Underarm £43
Nostrils £15 Three-quarter Leg £28
Any 2 small areas £20 Three-quarter Leg & Bikini £30
Any 3 small areas £25 Three-quarter Leg & Bikini & Underarm £40
Underarm £20 Full Leg Wax inc regular bikini wax £33
Forearm £20 Full Leg inc regular bikini  with underarm £33
Bikini (regular knicker line) £20 Full Leg, Intimate & underarm £63
Ladies Intimate Wax £30 Back Wax £25
Ladies intimate added to leg wax £20 Chest Wax £25


Threading is an ancient art of hair removal. Professional anti-bacterial cotton is twisted to create a trap and then rolled along the skin, entwining around the hair and removing it from the follicle. This very precise treatment can even treat short hairs and sensitive skin, leaving a clean and perfect finish every time.

Eyebrows – £15..00
Top Lip – £15.00
Chin – £15.00
Lip & Chin – £20.00
Sides of Face – £20.00
Full Face & Neck – £27.50
Any 2 areas – £20.00
Any 3 areas – £25.00