Hands & Feet

Mii  & Geleration Gel Manicures & Pedicures

Gel Manicure£35.00
Gel Manicure with BIAB£37.00
Removal & Non Gel Manicure£30.00
Pedicure with Gel Polish£47.50
Gels Toe Application£30.00
Gel repair per nail£5.00

CND Brisa Hard Gel

Brisa Hard gel Overlays£35.00
Brisa Hard Gel Overlays with Gel polish£45.00
Brisa Extensions with Gel Polish£49.50

Mii Manicures

File and Varnish£20.00
Signature Manicure£30.00
Luxury Manicure (includes hydrating hand treatment)£40.00

Footlogix Pediceutical Pedicures

Footlogix Pedicure£42.00
Footlogix Gel Pedicure£48.00
Footlogix Luxury Pedicure£52.00
Footlogix Luxury Pedicure with Gel Polish£58.00
Footlogix Callus Heel Treatment£25.00

Acrylic Nail Services

Full set of Acrylic Extensions£48.00
Full set of Acrylic Extensions with Gel Polish£59.00
Acrylic Overlays£43.00
Acrylic Infills£40.00
Overlays or Infills with Gel Polish£49.00
Repair (up to 3 nails)£10.00
Removal & Tidy£20.00
Removal & Manicure£30.00
Infills with regular polish£45.00

Minx Nails

Minx is a super shiny material that adheres to your nail. With plenty of designs to choose from, Minx Nail Art looks beautiful and is a firm favourite with the celebs!

Minx Application on Toes£25.00
Pedicure with Minx£47.50