Jane Scrivner Spa Facials

Putting your skin first naturally & organically.

The Jane Scrivner products are natural and organic skin solutions that use the skinutritional elements of plants to strengthen the incredible self-restoring intelligence of our own skin.

It is all about having skin that restores, replenishes & protects itself and shows this off.

Each of our 5 step Jane Scrivner Facials include a Cleanse, Exfoliation, Hydration, Nourishment & Moisturising. In some of the facials we also use traditional Chinese medicine techniques including Qua Sha, Facial cupping & Jade rolling.

Qua Sha – helps release stagnation in the circulation, muscle tension or tightness. Increasing blood stimulation stimulates the ‘wound heal’ response.

Cupping – increases blood flow and relaxes muscle tissue.

Jade Rolling – have a cooling effect, reducing puffiness and flushing the skin with fresh blood.

The Ultimate JS Facial – £60

A 75 minute Full 5 Step Jane Scrivner Facial starting with a Pressure Point Back Massage and including the Chinese Medicine techniques.

Smooth & Glo Qua Sha -£50

A 60 minute, Full 5 Step Jane Scrivner Facial including the Chinese Medicine Techniques.

Cocoon & Replenish -£50

A 60 minute, Hands on only 5 Step Facial Jane Scrivner starting with a Pressure point Back Massage. (A great replacement for clients who loved the Decleor facial).