Thermavisage Radio Frequency face & body

A non-surgical skin tightening technique that uses radiofrequency energy to lift and contour the skin. This skin tightening method uses radiofrequency currents to heat the deeper layers of skin to promote blood circulation and tighten troubled areas.

When being treated with this procedure, the layers of the skin become thicker, and collagen is produced. Wrinkles are pushed out, allowing the skin to become tighter and firmer with a contoured lift.

Radio Frequency tightens, smooths and re-contours your skin from the inside out, rejuvenating, improving the firmness and texture of the treated areas.

Benefits of radiofrequency skin tightening –

Tones and tightens your skin

Stimulates collagen, elastin and hydraulic acid


Reduces cellulite

Relaxing and pain free

Improvements continue up to three months after your treatment

Wrinkle reduction

Improved muscle tone